Slip 'n Fall... like Slip 'n Slide... except not.

Slip 'n fall, like Slip 'n slide but instead of a fun childhood activity, it's a sudden and unexpected whisking away of ones feet to either meet the cold hard concrete or likely suffer considerable injury in attempt in recovering feet under ones body... You know what I am talking about, you live in Canada right?!

Darn, I took that opening imagery of kids sliding down their front lawns in cute little bathing costumes eating popsicles to.... cold concrete and broken bones in a flash didn't I?! Why? Because 3 hours ago I was walking to my weekly yoga class, completely and unexpectedly found myself frozen in time, spread eagled or some kind of wild shape in space, slipping on a cleverly hidden spot of ice that (almost) took me down to the ground in a heap of tears and embarrassment. HOWEVER, I was so validated in being a yoga teacher at that moment as 2 students bore witness as I, with grace and ease (not really grace), recovered my footing effortlessly! I was reassured that all my work as a functional movement enthusiast just paid off, for 2.5 seconds I was putting all my practice to work, and I survived... I thrived! You can't buy advertising like that!

So I am going to outline 3 very simple steps for you to find these same assurances in your own body. Because inevitably you will come across many of these little hidden gem icy patches that put your physical prowess to the test! "Working out" or "Training" isn't about looking good (IMO) it is about maintaining and increasing our ability to move well, for the rest of our lives. What I do today is for future me! Say that with me!

So here are those 3 very easy steps you can do for your future self:

1) Come to my Yoga class: Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am at Laurier Heights community hall 14405-85 avenue, $15 drop-in, however first class is always free!

2) Make conditioning activities part of your everyday life. For example today in our yoga class we focused on lateral hip stability and core strength, because they are physically our centre of gravity. Their adequate conditioning is necessary in maintaining a strong functional, injury free body for the rest of our lives. Check out this short video that was inspired by real life!

3) I can't remember what I had in mind for #3, and then I hit send... So I will have to think on this and get back to ya'll!

Fail forward Sandy, nothing has to be perfect the first or tenth time!

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