Winter Yoga at Laurier Heights

It's that time of the year again where we set our intentions for a happy and healthy 2019. I've decided that rather than set a goal or intention and try to achieve something over a set number of months, I am going to focus on my impact through a series of good decisions everyday. I think this method negates failure and the stress and negativity associated with it. I want my words and my actions to have a positive impact on my life and extend out into my families lives and the community around me. I am after all a mother to two young kids and lead yoga classes from my community hall, so by nature I am an example of impact being far greater a world changer than intentions themselves.

So to 2019! May you positively impact all that surrounds you.

Join me for yoga and fitness Tuesdays at Laurier Heights Community League hall 14405-85 avenue


$140 pre-reg investment

5/10 pass ($75/$150) available.

These yoga classes focus mainly on joint stability and conditioning. We teach the body to properly recruit the muscles that support and maintain good joint function, which ultimately leads to overall improved flexibility. Expect myofascial release with rubber balls to reset muscle patterning, meditation to clear the mind, weighted work for strength, classic yoga poses for a well rounded whole body experience and humour. We love to laugh while we play! NO EXPERIENCE with yoga is required to participate in this class, however the ability to get up and down to the ground assistance is essential. Comfortable clothes and a yoga mat are recommended. Props provided.

See you on the mat!

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