Shhhh... Top Secret Recipe.

Magic Matcha Mask

AKA "It's Good to be green" Mask

Mmm Matcha, a delicious tea made by grinding green tea leaves into a fine powder, traditionally served in Japanese tea ceremony, today is more commonly consumed for it's superfood status and it's slow release caffeine. Matcha's high levels of antioxidants have been used for centuries to treat and prevent a host of diseases and health conditions ; other sources praise its topical benefits. I like it because it's not only delicious as a morning pick me up, it also makes my skin luminescent, dewy, plump, firm and youthful in appearance. Personally I have been drinking and slathering my face in matcha for years! I loved it from first sip, so naturally I wondered what would happen if I put it on my face. I've played around with different ingredient combinations and will share with you my best and glowey-est recipe below! Of course you can always purchase the ready made pots from Craft Beauty! But as I have said before (and the very purpose of This House Wellness newsletter) the process of creating luxurious concoctions and the enjoyment of this self-care ritual is monumental in shaping your very own 'House of Wellness'. This recipe is so simple and easy to make and is gentle and safe for all skin types, kids too! It is never too early to start kids on healthy skin care routines... Craft Beauty will be offering a workshop later this year for Tween Skin Care, so watch for details!

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS - yields 20+ applications

• 2 tbsp matcha powder • 1 tbsp aloe vera gel • 2 tbsp manuka honey (any variety will do) • 2 tsp gingko biloba (optional) (optional for kids recipe) • 3 tsp vitamin E oil or other (jojoba, olive, grape seed)

Combine all ingredients with a whisk or electric mixer until smooth. Store in a clean, sterilized, air tight container in the fridge for best results. APPLICATION: Using a clean spoon scoop a small amount into palm, using a wet blush (or soft paint) brush apply to clean face, neck and décolleté. Let mask dry (5-10mins), remove with warm water, wiping excess from face with damp cloth. Follow with serum and/or moisturizer. *clean... I can not express this enough! Introduction of bacteria from hands and/or contaminated tools will cause mold spores to grow. Discard immediately if you see mold.

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