Fall Yoga in Session!

Welcome back! Even though I didn't leave, I feel like I am coming back every fall! Because I tend to favour fun over work during the summer months! Don't we all. With kids running a muck all over the city and neighbourhood for camps, playdates and other shenanigans, I don't schedule myself anytime to do actual work! So here I am back at it! Summer feels like a distant memory as I sit here and write, but really we are only now entering into fall. Thanks Mother Nature, you really slammed us this year! Although I don't mind at all in fact, fall is my favourite time of the year for many reasons, let me elaborate:

1) Yoga is back in session! This one is pretty self explanatory! Check out my fall schedule.

2) Sweater and boot weather! I love denim cut offs and flip flops for summer, I practically live in a uniform of the same pairs of shoes and shorts the entire season, but that first whisper of cool weather and I forget those flip flops ever existed! I hang onto the shorts a little while longer, adding a chunky long cardigan and booties until my (sort of) tan fades away, which is generally pretty fast considering my "home" colouring is transparent! I don't lament the hot days gone by, I have always preferred and thrive in cool crisp air that carries itself throughout the day!

3) It's almost my birthday! Yep, fall means I am staring down the barrel of another year gone by, and 2018 brings a big one! Sandy 4.0 shall emerge Nov 18! I've been looking forward to 40 for sometime having elaborately celebrated with my friends who have all passed through! But now that it is only a few short weeks away I don't really feel the need to mark the occasion with anything spectacular, I am going to save that for the others who come after me!

That's about it, my top 3 reasons why I love fall. I think it is important to reflect on the changes of season appreciating the minutia of every passing moment because as we age the momentum of each moment blurs into the next and before we know it, we are 40! And that is but a beginning of a new chapter in life.

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