Winter Yoga Starts Soon...


It's that time of the year again that we decide we are going to change ourselves and our lives drastically only to realize the next morning (maybe a few weeks) that we've set the bar too high, completely overwhelmed we give up!

A few years ago I decided to not make resolutions at New Years, because the pressure of success was too great! Making resolutions to me implies an end, to achieve something by an expected deadline and that's the kind of pressure I don't need to add to my plate, especially when winter isn't my time to be making any changes, it's literally my time to be hibernating!

Spring however, is the season to be reborn, the time of year when the little sprouts peak out from the earth and begin their journey towards something great, where we humans emerge from our winter cloaks and step out into the sun to shine bright! So why am I talking about spring in the middle of winter? If we consider spring the starting point for our goals and dreams, then winter is a great check point along the journey to achieving our goals. This is the time to rejig our plans, not set completely new ones, to edit our intentions, add in what we need and remove what we don't.... So how does this relate to yoga?

Thank you for asking!

Yoga... Ah yoga. I will keep it simple...

It's an amazing practice of foundation. And don't we all know that to grow is to have a strong base... Brilliant!

Yoga also helps people to feel better physically and emotionally so when we are ready when called upon to commit amazing feats of humanity... or just to get out of bed without feeling old and creaky!

See you on your mat, I look forward to providing you with tools to keep you moving towards your goals and most amazing dreams... and creak-less self!

Find me at Laurier Heights Hall 14405-85 avenue

Tuesdays 9:30-10:45am Jan 23-Mar 30

Thursdays 8:15-9:30pm Feb 1-Mar 30 (no classes 4th Thurs of every month)

Investment: $75 - 5 pass $150 - 10 pass

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