Spring BLAHs got you down? Try this!

If you live in Edmonton, you might be asking yourself the same question every other Edmontonian has been for a few weeks now... Where the heck is spring? What is going on?

There has been little to no sunshine this entire winter and spring (it's a weird one to say the least), and if like me, you are affected by the weather you are probably feeling fairly blasé these days.

So I went and did something about it!

I started Rebounding! Remember those little trampolines every 1980's housewife had in her basement?! Well they have come out of the dust filled darkness and into the studio. Here in Edmonton I have been going to SOAR Barre Body Yeg Studio for my fix, and fix the grey tones in my life it did it ever! I am seeing everything through rose coloured glasses since my first class last month!

Originally I was drawn to this class because of an old back injury, I used to take a trampoline class at local 360Jump Tramp Park until it was no longer convenient for me. Jumping on a trampoline is a super fun and effective workout. Rebounding/Trampolining provides a zero impact workout that helps strengthen weak muscles especially the myriad of muscles around the spine and pelvis, but the full body is engaged and working the whole time! Other benefits include increased bone density, improved lymphatic drainage (which explains why my spring blahs are all gone), and killer cardio to name a few. It is also safe for most anyone to do, studies have shown a improvement for those with osteoarthritis and even dementia patients have seen positive effects with regular rebounding! This class has been and will continue to be a great compliment to my other activities in life, and has been pivotal to my rehabilitation from back injury.

So I hope to see you at the next class, I am the one laughing my ass off trying to hit the beat!

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