Why Dry Brush your Skin?

You've probably seen the boar hair brushes tucked away in the bath section at Winners and Whole Foods, and you've probably thought they were for scrubbing and scratching your back in the shower... well this is one application of the brush for sure, but I wouldn't waste my brush on just wet brushing! NO WAY! You would be missing out on so much potential if you did.

Dry skin brushing has been around forever... like a really long time. Its origins have been argued by many but the important thing to know is that for centuries and in many cultures people have been reaping the benefits of dry skin brushing. So let's get into that part, because it is not so commonly practiced in Western culture and Craft Beauty is trying to change that one dry brush at a time!

You can google "Dry Skin Brushing" and get a plethora of information on its many benefits so I am just going to summarize a few that I have personally experienced.

Firstly, let's get to the technicalities of the practice, the brushes! You want to use a good quality natural bristle brush, boar hair is the most commonly available and widely used and also vegetable bristle brushes. Natural bristle brushes have an appropriate amount of stiffness to them and soften over time, with regular use and proper cleaning. I have several dry brushes, all natural bristles of varying thickness and softness. One is infused with copper fibres to aid in detox, some have wooden bases and some with natural woven handles. They come is all shapes and sizes, I have my 2 favourites, the ones I use almost daily. One is a small round head and long handle with soft bristles for the face and the other an oval palm held for the body. Craft Beauty has an assortment of Dry Brushes for Face and Body for purchase at a great price.

Once you have the proper tools for dry skin brushing you can start right away; morning is best for the body to invigorate the lymphatic system and stimulate circulation. Start at your feet, brushing towards the heart with long sweeping motions and light touch, as you become accustomed to it you can brush more vigorously. Focus on areas that are bloated or have excess cellulite and parts of your body you wish to tighten.

Brushing before the shower is ideal, but do not exfoliate again in the shower or the skin could become irritated, be sure to moisturize well post shower when the skin is still damp . Dry brushing in the morning without showering is AH-mazing! Follow it always with a thick application of lotion or cream like Treat Yo' Self Lotion, Whip It! or Lumber Jane Cream for Jacks Too by Craft Beauty adding a squirt of "While you were Sleeping" Serum for added moisture, your skin will drink it up!

You will feel awake and ready for the day ahead. Dry body brushing is like a full-body triple espresso!

For the face, at the end of a long day (in full make-up; yes you read that right) or in the morning brush gently with a light hand moving up the cheeks, over the forehead, chin to ears and chest to chin; focus on any problematic areas of pimples, blackheads, fine lines or rough patches. Again light sweeping or circular motions is best, follow this with For the LOVE of Honey Bee-utiful Cream Cleanser by Craft Beauty! It is a luxurious solid oil based cleanser that dissolves makeup and impurities while infusing extreme moisture deep into the skin. Apply in a gentle circular motion on the face and neck after brushing, wipe away with a warm damp cloth.

Now to get into some of the benefits of dry brushing; I sort of touched on throughout, but there are so many to list... so I found this website that has the most extensive list of information I have ever seen, so I'll leave it to Aspen to fill you in!

Why do I dry brush my skin? Because my 12 year old self at one time could not wait to be an adult because she thought she would have no more zits to deal with. Fast froward to my 38th year of life and I find myself getting zits! But armed with my dry brush no zit has ever festered to far or too fast! I have kept my thighs cellulite-less when I really put in a good effort (proper moisturizing is a big piece to cellulite reduction too), and I have managed to keep myself frozen at my 30 year old wrinkle free face... for now! And I can give all this credit to my dry brushes being my best kept beauty secret.

Here is a quick visual guide to dry brushing.

Note: Beauty experts say to use upward sweeping motions when massaging the skin of the face to go against the pull of gravity and so, contrary to this image, I sweep up and advocate for you to do the same for best results!

Happy Brushing!

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