Dirty Yogi's Dry Shampoo

What's the big deal about dry shampoo? That is what I get asked often, and my answer is this: "It is only the best hair product since the crimper was invented!"

Well that might be a bit of an over reach but if you are a busy parent, gym enthusiast, yogi (hot or not), runner, walker or just a little bit lazy this product is the only thing you will need to keep your hair grease-free and clean smelling for days.

I have personally tested this product against several other commercial brands (including Bumble&Bumble, Lush, Baptiste, Mark Anthony to name only a few) and to keep my long mane fresh and looking AMAZING (not an overreach) for up to 10 days without washing this is the only one that made the grade... So much so that I could have gone for several more days but there comes a time to draw the line and get yo hair under some water!

Just a little dusting of this concoction applied in small amounts with the fingertips or brush (sprinkle into hair brush or brush in with makeup brush) to the root of the hair absorbs sebum, reducing the look of greasy hair and leaves behind nothing but a light citrus peppermint scent.

Extend your style, freshen up post yoga class or run or add volume to hair; this product is for all hair types and colours. It contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives so it won't mess with your hair's natural beauty or your scalps pH.

2oz - $15

Let's talk commercial products for a moment, the issue I and many others have with commercial dry shampoos is that they first come in an unnecessary aerosol bottle and secondly contain ingedients such as preservatives and chemicals that add weight to the hair, creating dry itchy scalp and coat the hair making it difficult to manage and ultimately make it dirty... So I would consider them to be counter productive and environmentally unfriendly. The beauty industry thrives on cycles, one product creates the need for the next and so on until we are so dependent upon an industry that wants nothing more than to tell us what we need. That cycle is what will bring in an estimated $265 Billion globally in 2016 for the beauty industry!

Pause... take a moment to digest that number!

That to me seems like a lot of things to clutter my life and make me feel as if I am drowning.

So what reality shows us is that we really don't need much and if we reduce the clutter in our lives we are able to take back our lives and feel empowered and somewhat in control of our destiny.

Craft Beauty was born of this reality, the need to make life more simple using natural, non-harming products that are healthy for the whole family. Some of my clients are as young as 2 weeksold to 75 years old;

keeping it simple in the name of beauty.

Now that is beautiful.

xo Sandy

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