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My favourite of the hydrating masks is this little tub of wonder; "It's Good to be Green" Healing Mask contains all sorts of anti-aging and clarifying ingredients to keep the skin looking and feeling supple and beautiful.

Aloe: the aloe vera plant is of the succulent plant species from the Liliaceae family, it has been used for medicinally by several ancient cultures for thousands of years. Regarded as the Plant of Immortality by the Egyptians modern applications include first aid and skin care. Aloe is a super hydrator, plumping the surface of the skin thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Manuka Honey: from the Manuka bush native to New Zealand its honey is highly regarded in ancient and modern medicine. Used as a healing agent for wounds and other skin conditions, the high levels of Methylglyoaxl, a powerful anti-bacterial, has proven effecfive in lab testing at killing bacteria and viruses such as H.Pylori, Staphyloccocus, E.coli and Strep infections. In skin care applications this amazing honey has demontstrated an ability to increase collagen production in cells. Healthy collagen means healthy, firm, youthful skin!

Matcha Green Tea: Is a fine green powder made by grinding high quality green tea leaves, the health benefits from consumption of this tea have been known for hundreds if not thousands of years; hence it is deemed a sacred ceremony to drink its nectar. Recent popularity in the west for its energy boosting properites has sparked interest from a beauty stand point and has turned research focus to its topical benefits. And they are plentiful including; sebum reduction (think less acne), natural UV protection (think reduce in hyperpigmentation and fine lines), and ultra anti-oxidant (think disease fighting ninjas)!

Gingko Biloba: Also known as Maidenhair, was first discovered by the ancient Chinese for its medicinal applications.

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