NEW! Product Launch

Check out my latest and currently favourite beauty product from my Craft Beauty line, I am expanding the line to include makeup, because what is awesome skin if you can't dazzle it up in the day!

I have been busy mixing and concocting these all natural lip and cheek sheer colour gloss sticks in three amazing colours; Koral Kiss, Hot Mama, Nudie and Black Amythest.

These tubes of awesome contain shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado and vitamin E oil and coloured mica blended to perfection.

All shades look amazing on all skin tones. Koral Kiss is a pop of pink with gentle undertones of red and orange; Hot Mama is a soft deep burgundy red with orange and pink undertones; Nudie is the perfect blend of luminous pale pink and taupe and Black Amythest's deep purple with whispers of earthy brown and red compliment any skin tone for day or evening.

I like to layer these silky glosses because they are so sheer they blend amazingly to create all sorts of interesting dimensions.

5g tubes $7 each

2 for $12

3 or more $5 each

Available in limited supply; colours vary slightly by batch.

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