Settling In

Today is the first day of getting back into a routine for many people, school starts, summer is almost over and we begin to find a rhythm. Each and every person has a rhythm, nature has a rhythm and when we are attuned to this cadence or allow ourselves to be led by another the sense of settling in surrounds us and provides comfort and familiarity something that may be lacking in the rushed, pushed and even forced pulse of the summer months of fun and fancy freeness!

To be attuned, is to be aware and/or make harmonious; with this simple description it is simple to understand why it is important to settle in. When we feel, live and share our own personal rhythm we are living from our centre, expressing our authentic self. It is a subtle and outward resonance of who we are and our intentions.

Have you ever had a hesitation or reluctance towards another person or animal but you just weren't sure why? Have you ever felt an intense pull towards another? This I believe is the compatibility of rhythms. When we are marching to same beat as another we automatically move together and in contrast when there is disharmony of our rhythms it is almost impossible to syncronize our energies. We don't always live at the same tempo it is an ever changing fluid part of who we are; affected by environment, relationships, stress, excitment and sadness. We are affected by the buildings we live and work in, each structure gives off their own resonance and when we are surrounded by crafted and manufactured energies we fail to hear/feel the most important part of ourselves, nature.

Each season is a new rhythm, it is a shedding of what was and discovering of what is, as we move towards fall our alignment with Her (Mother Nature) rhythm is slowing down, cooling off and settling in. It is time to reap the benefits of our hard work and prepare ourselves for the long season of introspection and contemplation. To connect to this slowing cadence of nature seek nature, it's that simple. Get outside everyday as much as possible for as long as possible.

Breath, feel and be. This is who we are; effortless, it is the baseline and starting point of all that is to come.

Art by Amanda Sage

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