Mist of Aphrodite

I get all sorts of questions asking me how I use my products in my own life, I love to experiment with all sorts of products it gives me inspiration to make my own because I really do use my products daily. This is why Craft Beauty is a metamorphising line of beauty and health and lifestyle products. So I have decided to feature one product every so often with accompanying pictures or video tutorials, and the inaugural product I chose for this venture is the Mist of Aphrodite Sea Spray for Luscious Locks.

Why? Because I came across a small amount of the Bumble & Bumble Sea Spray in the back of my bathroom cabinet the other day and decided to try it out again, I wanted a reminder as to why I do what I do... And that is create or re-create the products I love. Bumble's Sea Spray was the impetius for me to create Mist of Aphrodite mainly because of price, but in the end (and after having tried it again) I was reminded of all the gunk it leaves behind in your hair. I want products that are clean so that I can extend my style as long as possible, washing this mane takes time and I don't often that time.

Mist of Aphrodite is a chemical free spray that can be used as a style prep, hair spray and part of a dry shampoo routine. The Dead Sea minerals in it absorbs excess grease in the hair and gives it a gritty just stepped out of the ocean feel and look. The rose water adds a romantic scent that lingers in the hair giving you a "I don't know what it is, but you smell like love!"... just like Aphrodite would smell!


As a style prep spray the entire head and comb through to the ends. You can blow dry or let air dry. Once the hair is dry you can add a few spritzes as you see/feel necessary.

As a hairspray follow the instructions as a style prep, style hair as desired and spray all over for long hold. As long as you don't brush your hair once it's sprayed in it will hold your style amazingly well, and that includes up dos!

As part of a dry shampoo routine, as I mentioned above the dead sea minerals absorb moisutre and make the hair less greasy, so spraying the roots wet or dry will help to stave off greasy roots and give the hair amazing lift and volume. Add in the Dirty Yogi's Dry Shampoo and you are looking at anywhere from 3-10 days between hair washing... Really!

Check out this amazing beach beauty style I do daily by simply twisting the hair into 3 long parts; at the ears and down the back. Sprayed with Mist of Aphrodite let dry and gently tousle hair for that perfectly unkempt look.

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