Seaweed is more than just a sushi wrapper!

If I mention of seaweed/kelp you might think of sushi cones and coastlines, my kids think of those delicious cripsy snack sheets from Costco! But what if I told you seaweed is more than just beautiful foliage that lives in the sea and is a scrumptious and nutritious snack?

Seaweed is the ocean's natural defense system, where it sheilds delicate marine life from environmental damage such as UV rays plus it contains potent amounts of minerals, vitamins and a plethora of of other nutrients. These qualities make it an ideal ingredient in treating and maintaining healthy youthful looking skin.

So while we continue to ingest seaweed in our diets for its dense mineral, vitamin, free-radical fighting boost, we should also begin to incorporate it into our daily/weekly skincare routines.

What can seaweed do for your skin?

-increases hydration which plumps the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrikles.

-stimulates collagen production which firms the skin making it stronger and more resilient

-delivers trace minerals and oxygen to cells, tissues and layers of the skin to support healthy development and regeneration

Seaweed is safe for all skin types, but as always a skinpatch test is recommended. The best way to incorportate it into a daily routine is to add a small amount to your favourite serum, or better yet to my Night Repair Serum

And coming this spring to the Craft Beauty line of skincare products will be an amazing Seaweed Facemask for repairing mature, sun damaged skin.

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