Yogi Oh Yogi! Where for art thou Yogi?

My home studio is locaed in the quaint neighbourhood of Laurier Heights, classes are small and well attended. Pre-registration is required. Some opportunities for drop-in may be available day of.

Teaching Schedule

Tuesdays 7-9pm: Yoga for Pregnancy - Prana Yoga Studio www.pranayogastudio.ca

Thursdays 8:30-10pm: Hatha Flow - Home Studio Laurier Heights (contact for information)

Upcoming Workshops

I am honoured to be hosting some of my favourite teachers from the Edmonton area. All workshops are held at my home studio, unless otherwise noted. Please contact me directly to register, prepayment is required to hold your spot in the workshop. Space is limited to 15 people.

Sunday March 15 3-5pm: Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Yoga, The Liver Meridian

Led by Sara Zanbeek - Home Studio


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the organ of Spring is the liver. In this 2 hour endeavour we will learn what the liver is responsible for, where the meridian lies, as well as its paired yang meridian the gall bladder. Following a short lecture Sara will lead us through a yang-yin yoga practice focused on purifying and invigorating the wood channel (element of liver/gall bladder) to help prepare the soils for spring seeds to be planted.

Sara is and acupuncturist and yoga teacher. Her focus is healing and transformation through the lend of Hatha Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She utilizes the framework of TCM to teach practitioners of yoga the potency of asana and breath stemming from the traditional Hatha yoga practices. Her ability to resonate with truth, to hear beyond the spoken word, and her love of nature allows her to be a potent guide for those moving through transformational periods. As a dancer born and raised in the country, movement and the environment have always been central to how she understands and relates to the world. She fell in love with TCM when she discovered it's roots were embedded in that same dance of nature. Through her studies she has come to see how nature's patterns show up in the body as signals, signs and symptoms. This has given her a unique ability in the way she facilitates yoga for health maintenance, the healing of dis-ease and realizing potential. Sara lives in Edmonton, her hometown where she teaches and consults. She travels through Asian and North America continuing her studies and teaching workshops, retreats and trainings.

Sunday March 29 12-2pm: Aromatics and Yoga

Led by Clare Newman - Home studio


Join Clare Newman of Anamaya Aromatherapy and Mamata Yoga and Holistics for an aromatic yoga workshop designed to enhance daily life and yoga practice with essential oils. Clare has expertly selected 7 essential oils for each of the 7 chakras to tantalize the senses complimented with gentle asana practice followed by discussion. All levels welcome.


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