Welcome to This House, my Home, your Home.

My labour of love is this, in these pages, and is live for all to see! I am so proud, excited and nervous to open the doors to my home and share my life's passions, visions, goals, interests and good ol' bits for shits n' giggles!

I have been sitting with this idea for months and only this month did I finally sit down and fill in the spaces. I painstakingly searched for a meaningful name that will express all that I want to say, (not a small task for a perfectionist like me!) and then last week right before I fell asleep (this is when all my good ideas start to chatter) it hit me like a bolt of lightneing, a flash of greatness, that "This House" is the only vessel capable of emcompassing the spirit of home that is me: a woman, yogi, teacher, skincare crafter, artist, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

The word home, as defined in the dictionary, has many interpretations. From being a place where one lives permenantly as a member of a family, a clan or a tribe to a place where something flourishes.

I use the word house and home synonymously because for me my house is a place of refuge; it is a home, for me, my kids, my husband, my friends and my yoga students.

MY home lives within the walls of my house that which shelters my family from the elements. It unites a tribe of strangers and kin and fills their hearts with a sence of peace, love and wellbeing. It is a space that nurtures imagination and challenges judgments towards self and others.

This House is an awareness that lives within me, within you, it is portable and fluid. It is an awareness an understanding of who I am and where I belong. It is a space where creativity soars to extraordinary heights, and where curiosity, exploration and expression of all things worthwhile originate and are satiated.

Welcome to This House, my hOMe, your hOMe, we are all hOMe here.

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