A metamorphising line of all natural and oragnic beauty products that LOVE your skin, hair and spirit, are free from chemicals, preservatives and testing on animals.


For the Urban, Beach, Forest, Mountain, Fresh Air loving HUMAN BEING


Handmade in small batches with LOVE
in Edmonton, AB CANADA


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For the Love of Honey

Meet Craft Beauty's premiere product. Customers boast clearer, more vibrant and younger looking skin! Used morning and night to give skin all day and night moisture. Evening used as a make up remover leaves skin smoothed and refreshed. Follow with your favourite glycolic toner and While You Were Sleeping Night Repair Serum for superb results. 8oz - $30, includes facial dry brush Ingredients: Aloe butter, coconut, rosehip, avocado & carrot seed oil and EO of rose and geranium.