About Me:


Hi!  I'm Sandy Brown founder, yogi and creative force behind Craft Beauty, Sandy Brown Yoga and This House Wellness. The people on the sidebar are my family.

That's my son floating in the bubbles, he loves marshmallows and Hot Wheels, he is sassier and funnier than I could ever be; my daughter the one canoodleing the cat (not ours!) is crazy about animals and noodles, she is kind hearted and more solicitous than I could ever expect; my husband, there tucked behind the boy, loves Spitz and any sport that pairs well with them (so really any sport), he is more loving and supportive than I could ever ask for.  That's me at the top, I take a good selfie and love horses, laughing and making beautiful things; I am constantly exploring the infinite possibilities of life and I always let my curiosity run wild.

I believe: life is a gift to be enjoyed not endured. A good life includes long naps on sunny days and short walks on cold nights! 

I say: Never limit yourself or you will never discover your limitless potential.  There is freedom in possibility and courage in opportunity.  

I trust: that all people have good in their hearts; some incontestably shine brighter than others and I surround myself with light filled people.

I speak: my truth; it is fluid and ever changing, and that sometimes gets me in trouble! 

I give credence: to the idea that every exchange we have is an invaluable lesson; learn it.

I know: jumping in with both feet keeps us young and life exciting!


Passion keeps us vibrant, unbridled creativity expands what confines us, love is an exchange of energy, flow is our nature and so it should be.

Be passionate about what you do, learn everything there is to know on the subject; learn it, love it.  Because otherwise what is the point?  I want to leave this earth knowing I lived a spirited and heartfelt life.

Welcome to my website, my life, to This House; a compilation of my life's passions and curiosities under "one roof".


Let's connect. 

Ask me. Tell me. Let's Connect.

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